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You can buy meat direct from the farmer, secure in the knowledge that your produce has been ethically raised. Most importantly, that it has been grown in a natural, chemical free environment, by our hardworking Australian farming families and, that it has a wonderful, natural flavour.

Piggy in the Middle is a partnership between our families. We are sixth generation farmers – Dean and Mason Mayne – along with our wives Kate and Krystal, and our young families.

We are passionate about our land and our livestock. Therefore, we utilise regenerative farming practices to produce great tasting, chemical free, pork, beef and eggs.

All of our animals are free range and pasture raised. Free to forage and behave instinctively, in a natural stress-free habitat.

So please, buy meat direct from the farmer, we know you will taste the difference.


buying meat straight from the farms
buying meat directly from farmers
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buy meat direct from the farmer

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Our Farms


Our farms is in the Kilkivan area of South East Qld, approximately half an hour west of Gympie. This mineral rich region is highly regarded grazing country, a combination of rolling hills and rich creek flats. Importantly, our farm boast a range of native and seasonal grasses that are ideal for rearing healthy and happy animals.

Our philosophy


Put simply… HEALTHY SOIL = HEALTHY HAPPY ANIMALS = HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS PRODUCE. Regenerative agricultural practices are fundamental to our approach to farming. As such, we employ systems that aim to strengthen the health and vitality of our soils. This is because healthy soils, produce healthy, mineral rich grasses, which in turn produces healthy livestock. As well as regenerating topsoil, these systems increase biodiversity, improve water cycles, enhance ecosystem services and support bio sequestration. As a result, they also increase the farms’ resilience to increasing climate fluctuations.

  ‘I can’t speak highly enough of Piggy In the Middle. Their produce is consistently of the finest quality. The bacon and chicken is the best and don’t get me started on the Christmas hams – so good. I love the fact that the animals are ethically raised and chemical free. The team are always great to deal with and it’s so nice to be able to speak to the people who produce the product.’

Panetta family

Our Animals


We work hard to ensure our animals are as healthy, happy and stress free as they possibly can be. All our pigs, cattle and chickens are free to forage on natural pastures every day of their lives. Because we practise rotational grazing our animals are constantly moving away from their droppings and onto fresh pasture, which they love. Importantly, our heritage breed pigs have fresh water and muddy wallows always available. And of course, our cattle are totally free ranging and 100% grass fed, while our chickens busily forage on fresh open pasture scratching and aerating the topsoil as they go.

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