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Traditional $28/kg and Nitrate Free $30/kg

Christmas Ham orders must be placed before December 2nd, dates and pick up locations are listed below. $50 Deposit required, remaining balance to be paid at time of pick up.

Premium Heritage bred, Free Range, Pasture Raised, Wood Smoked Ham

An average Whole Bone-in Ham weighs 7-8kg

We estimate that a 7kg Christmas ham on the bone will cater generously for 20 people with left-overs.

Traditionally ‘old fashioned’ wood smoked, bone in ham.  These leg hams are all gluten free with the option to choose nitrate free.

Our ham is provided to you already cured and cooked and ready to eat. It is delicious sliced and served cold. Alternatively it can be glazed and heated in the oven.  Glazing is just an option if you want to infuse a bit more flavour in to the ham and eat it warm.


Rinse your Ham Bag in a solution of water and one tablespoon of vinegar and squeeze out the excess.

Remove the ham from the plastic wrapping and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Place your ham in the Ham Bag and refrigerate.

Rinse out your Ham Bag every 3 days to retain freshness.

Keep your Ham Bag moist.

Order your Christmas Ham before December 2nd and you can collect it at one of the drop points listed below:

  • Kilkivan 15th Dec
  • Gympie 15th Dec
  • Kawana Farmers Market  5th  or 19th Dec
  • Power House Market  5th  or 19th Dec
  • Reko – Samford 12th Dec
  • Reko- Dayboro 12th Dec
  • Reko- Redhill 22nd Dec
  • Small Crop Wynumm 23rd Dec
  • Moura 7th Dec
  • Rolleston 7th Dec
  • Springsure 8th Dec
  • Emerald 8th Dec
  • Rockhampton 9th Dec
  • Club Piggy Members – Brisbane 10th Dec
  • Club Piggy Members – Gympie & Sunshine Coast  11th Dec

Additional information


Half Ham, Full Ham

Type of Ham/Bacon

Nitrate Free, Traditional

Pick-up Location

Kawana Farmers Market 5th Dec, Power House Market 5th Dec, Moura 7th Dec, Rolleston 7th Dec, Springsure 8th Dec, Emerald 8th Dec, Rockhampton 9th Dec, Club Piggy Members – Brisbane 10th Dec, Club Piggy Members – Gympie/Sun. Coast 11th Dec, Reko – Samford 12th Dec, Reko- Dayboro 12th Dec, Gympie 15th Dec, Kilkivan 15th Dec, Power House Market 19th Dec, Kawana Farmers Market 19th Dec, Reko- Redhill 22nd Dec, Small Crop Wynumm 23rd Dec

8 reviews for Christmas Hams

  1. Sandra (verified owner)

    We brought our first ham (Nitrate free) from Piggy in the Middle last year for Christmas. OMG the best ham ever. Worth every cent and no wastage. Will be back.

  2. Deniece (verified owner)

    Have bought Piggy in the Middle hams for three years now. They have the best flavour. I then froze the bone and have pea and ham soup in winter. We love their hams.

  3. Diann (verified owner)

    Piggy in the middle hams put the real tradition back in Christmas ham. Best ever hams.

  4. Sherry (verified owner)

    We love Piggy ham too! just love eating straight off the bone for me I don’t need anything else to eat on the day yes & get sad when its over.

  5. Renita (verified owner)

    We bought our first Piggy in the Middle Ham last year for Christmas and the quality was exceptional. Tasty, Brilliant value and there were no leftovers.

  6. Holly (verified owner)

    We bought our first Piggy in the Middle Christmas ham last year and were amazed at how good it was. We wanted to purchase from Piggy to help support a small family business and to try the difference between a “regular” ham. We were not disappointed! Tasted delicious and was lovely. Will definitely be buying Piggy hams in the future!

  7. Marney (verified owner)

    We purchased 2 Piggy in the Middle hams after sampling some at a visit to their beautiful farm.” “We were so happy with the taste and the texture. It makes it very hard to purchase or eat any other ham.” “All other hams taste disappointing after eating a Piggy in the Middle ham.” “We also love that they delivered their hams. We wish we could eat Piggy in the Middle ham all year round. ”
    Marney, Joe and family

  8. Leanne (verified owner)

    We have had the pleasure of enjoying your delicious hams the past two Christmases. I come from long line of butchers so have tasted my share of gourmet hams but would have to say Piggy in the Middle Hams are my favourite! You guys have certainly perfected the recipe & process. Gone are the days of the store bought Christmas ham eating marathon. Now our family is disappointed when the last of the ham is gone.

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