To ensure the fertility of our herd is healthy and productive, occasionally we need to retire some of our older breeders.  Recently we saw Wilbur retire to a smaller farm with only a few female companions.  Here he will enjoy a quieter retirement with fewer ladies to please.  While back on our farm we welcomed a healthy young fertile new boar called Little G, and he is 300kgs. This brings our total number of boars to 4.  

With this number of boars it allows us to run 6-7 sows per boar and maintains the highest quality of fertility and larger numbers of piglets in each litter.   

From The Hen House

We are excited to have a fancy new hen house fitted with a large nest box and ample space for the girls to roost and rest.  It also is fantastic at egg collection time as we are sheltered from the sun and rain (that’s when it rains, hopefully sooner rather than later).

We have been busy moving sprinklers for a few months now.  In May Dean planted some rye grass to ensure the girls had access to some greenery over the winter.  It certainly is a little oasis on our very dry farm.  

piggy pigs
 laying hens
From the Sheep Paddock

Spring is here and normally our paddocks are full of new baby lambs however, due to the dry winter our sheep numbers are quite low.  We have been feeding them grass hay which we harvested from our farm back in January.  The paddock which our laying hens had passed over produced thick lush grass which we were able to cut and bail allowing us to prepare for these dry times.  Now not only are our sheep and cattle reaping the rewards so too is our land with the return of nutrients which is continuing the cycle of regenerative farming.

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