Here we are again with Christmas just around the corner.  The shops are starting to fill with all things Christmas, and so too is our smoke house.

Did you know, more than 75% of ham and bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork?

As you may be aware, we are a small-scale family farm who grow and butcher all our own pasture raised produce, this means you can be assured when you buy a Piggy in the Middle ham it is 100 percent Australian pork.

We are extremely proud of our premium quality Christmas hams.

What makes our hams so special?

  • Our heritage breed pigs are grown in a healthy & happy environment
  • Our hams are hand cured right here on the farm
  • Our hams are wood smoked fresh within days of delivery
  • Our hams taste amazing



Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few words from some of our customers.

‘We have bought Piggy in the Middle hams for three years now. They have the best flavour. I then froze the bone and we have pea and ham soup in winter. We love their hams.’  Denice

‘We have had the pleasure of enjoying your delicious hams the past two Christmases. I come from long line of butchers so have tasted my share of gourmet hams but would have to say Piggy in the Middle Hams are my favourite!’  Leanne

We bought our first ham (Nitrate Free) from Piggy in the Middle last year for Christmas. OMG the best ham ever!  Worth every cent and no wastage. We will be back.’   Sandra

‘We bought our first Piggy in the Middle Ham last year for Christmas and the quality was exceptional. Tasty, brilliant value and there were no leftovers.  Can’t wait to receive our 2019 Ham.’  Renita



This year we have made it even easier to order your Piggy in the Middle Christmas Ham.  Pop over to our webpage and you can order and pay your deposit immediately ensuring that you don’t miss out.



christmas ham
The Big Move

Our most recent exciting news is that Mason and Krystal have bought their very own little piece of the planet! Have you ever moved to a new house with three small children?  It’s not a small task. So imagine this and add 3 dogs, 400 chickens, 63 pigs and 52 sheep. Yes it was a mammoth effort and thanks to some friends and family everybody is now settled into their gorgeous new farm.

Their new property is close to Kilkivan as well as our other Piggy in the Middle farm which makes the commute to the butcher house much shorter than it used to be.

It has a beautiful creek running through it which the kids have already had hours of fun exploring.

Renovations to the house have started as there will be lots of work needed to add infrastructure to the farm, but the fencing is the priority. The pigs have already started working their magic on the land and we are excited to see the transformation.

We’ll give you an update on the new farm down the track.


Kilkivan Queensland AUSTRALIA