On Farm Butcher House

 We moved to the Gympie Region as we felt is best suited our Vision.  One of our goals is to be able to supply customers with a 'farm to plate' experience, involving low food mileage and as few middle men as possible.  Whilst building our business over 10 months and kicking lots of goals, one of the main elements -butchering was still needing to be done off farm.  We where losing valuable time traveling in order to prepare our products.  This also meant limited hands on craft of butchering and charcuterie.  It was important to us to put our unique stamp on and have control over our end product. 

Following the move and growing a new business, budgets where tight.  We certainly didn't have the funds to create the vision we had in mind.  We needed to build an on Farm accredited Butcher house.  There is some speculation the light bulb moment that crowd funding just might be 'pozible' came to us whilst drinking a few cold beers under the fig tree.

It was from here that the journey began - research, budgeting, filming, photography, editing & continuously telling our story and asking for support.  This was something that put us way out of our comfort zone and challenged us in many ways.  It also made us extremely humble to see so many people had faith and supported our vision.  We are so grateful for all our generous supporters and can't thank them enough.  Without each individual this would not have been possible.

Our building project has come with it's fair share of unexpected bumps and delays.  So far we have completed a rather fun yet hard yakka demolition (completed by the whole Piggy Team big and small).  The coldroom and boning room walls, roof and doors are up thanks to Ashley (Dean & Mason's cousin)  Ash and his wife Nicole  welcomed their beautiful twin daughters into the world on the first afternoon of the build, a little sooner than planned.  Thanks to John & John we now have our air-conditioning, coldroom motor and electricity connected.  

We are super excited to say that the lengthy delays and process of the plumbing is finally all finished.  With a little help from some talented mates the sealing of the floor and installing all the equipment and benches is now complete.  Whilst our project has taken a lot longer than expected we can now celebrate and start the next part of our journey. 

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS and our vision is now a reality.  We are so proud of what we have achieved and the boys are loving being in the butcher house, with lots of delicious Piggy in the Middle cuts & creations being produced.  

A BIG thank you to all our Piggy in the Middle 'Pozible' Supporters


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