Shacon is our very own lamb bacon.  To explain the name: sheep/bacon hence the name sh-acon.   It was after one of our customers came to us expressing her sadness that she could not eat our pork bacon due to allergies that the boys offered to make her bacon from lamb.  How is this possible, how is this made you ask?  The backstrap and the eye fillet are rolled in the belly of the lamb, it is then cured and smoked the same way the pork bacon is.  This creates a beautiful product for those who do not eat pork for cultural reasons and those with allergies to enjoy a tasty breakfast treat. It is not just for these people we also have lots of customers who are enjoying Shacon for something a little different.

What does Shacon taste like?  I think it is best described as a beautiful combination of a lamb roast and that devine bacon flavour, who could resist these two favourites.

How do you cook it?  It is cooked the same way you would cook bacon, gentle fry in a pan, best eaten warm. 

Our famous Shacon has not only made the courier mail newspaper, Shacon made it all the way to Sunday Morning Television, with the boys  interviewed by the Today show crew.  To view this click on the orange button below.  Please note that we are much better farmers, butchers & salesmen than TV superstars.  A very nerve-racking experience for the boys.