Would you like to receive the highest quality, ethically farmed, fresh meat & eggs delivered to a location near you?  We are now delivering to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gympie.  Subscription  forms are down the page.

CSA Meatbox Deliveries

Community Supported Agriculture - be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see what our  CSA is all about.  

What's in the Box/Share Options

PORK, CHICKEN & EGGS                                                                                                                                        
We offer small, medium and large mixed box options aswell as a medium & bulk pork only box/share. We propose that the smaller shares are suitable for households of 2-3 people per month, while the larger are best for households of 4 or more, or shared between two households. However this will depend totally on your families and your eating preferences. (At times there will be extra's available to add on to the boxes such as --Seasonal lamb & smallgoods)      Refer to the table below for detailed list of what is in the box.

Each box typically includes ham, loin or streaky bacon, seasonal sausages, chops, mince, ribs, and/or a small roast or two(shoulder/loin/belly) in the bigger boxes. Boxes change regularly depending on availability and seasonal cuts.  Pork will be cryovac'd, which can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks before you need to freeze it (we recommend anything with a bone needs to be frozen within the week), whole pastured chicken can be kept in refrigerator for 4 days before you need to freeze. While pastured eggs are at their best up to 4 weeks refrigerated. 

Where vegetable CSA farms are vulnerable to the vagaries of weather, meat CSA farms carry the risk of low fertility leading to smaller litters, or carcass size varying month to month. If we encounter this issue your mix of meats may vary based on availability (for example you may get more chicken if we are low on pork etc)

The options are offered on a 3 month trial or a  12-month subscription, payable monthly, bi-annually in advance, or annually in advance, with discounts for the bi-annual or annual payments. Should you be away for an extended time, there is the option to suspend your share until your return- we just need a month's notice. While we are happy to negotiate where you need to cancel your subscription early due to personal circumstances, there will typically be a charge equivalent to one month of your membership should you cancel before your subscription is due for renewal.

When All boxes will be delivered monthly. As we are in the beginning stages of our CSA we will let you know more details via email as to day/dates for delivery. Monthly payments are due Monday prior to each delivery, an invoice will be sent via email. 

Where Currently we have a number of collection points, your box will be delivered to your nominated collection point where you will be able to pick up between the collection hours.

Wandering Cooks https://wanderingcooks.com.au/ - Cordelia Street &, Fish Ln, South Brisbane  

Wild Canary https://wildcanary.com.au/- 2371 Moggill Road, Brookfield

Q Roasters http://www.qroasters.com.au/ -44 Wolverhampton, Stafford

Farmer & Sun https://www.farmerandsun.com.au/ - 1-5 Woolgar Road, Southside Gympie QLD 4570

Hungry Feel Noosa  http://www.hungryfeel.com.au/#home  -29 Main St, Buderim QLd 4556

Whole Life Health Food http://www.wholelifehealthfoods.com.au/ - 3/9 Lionel Donovan Dr, Noosaville QLD 4566

(other areas we are looking at are Nanango, Goomeri, Sunshine Coast- Noosa & Kawana if you are interested in these areas please call to discuss a collection point)

The CSA pricing model incorporates delivery to nominated collection points-only special orders outside of CSA will incur a separate delivery fee.

If you would like more details about joining our CSA we would love to chat to you:   


Phone Kate on 0428447666

If you are ready to become part of our CSA community please fill out the form below.

CSA Subscription

Subscription period -

Select a share/box

Payment options (all payments are by direct deposit)

Preferred collection location (we are considering Nanango & Goomeri if you are interested in these areas please let us know)

Household Size - this helps us pack appropriate numbers of cuts/size of roasts

What & why-CSA?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a relationship between the eaters and the growers.  Our CSA allows members to receive a monthly box/share of the highest quality sustainable, ethically produced meats. In return, this allows us the farmers, to manage our herds more sustainably.  By knowing our demands we are able to distribute risk when there are unexpected increases or decreases in supply.  CSA helps connect you, the eaters, more closely to the farm and allows greater knowledge of our food production.

We are excited to get to know our community of CSA members whom we hope will get to know our farm and share our ethics.  Our goal is to be able to share with our members not only some of the freshest most delicous meats but an understanding of food production, especially animals raised for meat.  

CSA is an easy way to reduce your miles to the plate while always giving your family wholesome, nourishing produce.

Benifits of CSA for you:

Fresh food- I mean REALLY fresh!  It is grown especially for you.  CSA produce doesn’t get shipped in cross-country delivery trucks or sit on store shelves before getting to you, it goes straight from our farm, to your table. 

Better prices-The cost of fresh, locally grown produce is much cheaper when you’re buying directly from us, the  farmers.  With a CSA, the middleman has been eliminated, keeping costs low and quality high.

Supporting local farms- Keeping small farms in business supports the local economy, and offers us, the farmers, the opportunity to grow food the way you like it.

Building community - Belonging to a CSA gets you closer to your food and the people who grow it.  CSAs allows you to know exactly where your food is coming from and how it was raised.

Community Supported Agriculture emerged from Japan in the 1970s and was further developed in the United States during 1980s.  It is founded on the ten Principles of Teikei, which foster a relationship of mutuality and sharing that goes far beyond the exchange of food and money. “Teikei” is translated as “partnership” or “cooperation”.

Principles of Teikei

Principle of mutual assistance

Principle of accepting the produce

Principle of mutual concession in the price decision

Principle of deepening friendly relationships

Principle of self-distribution

Principle of democratic management

Principle of learning among each group

Principle of maintaining the appropriate group scale

Principle of steady development

If you would like to read more follow the link:  http://urgenci.net/principles-of-teikei/